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Congratulations parent.

We know bringing a new baby into the world is an exciting and nerve-wracking time. Your household will have to adjust how it lives and functions to fit the new child’s needs and that won’t change anytime soon. Out of all the items you need to purchase for your little one, diapers are key as they are used every moment of your dear little one. Until your baby can start potty training, they will be using a lot of diapers and you’re going to be spending a lot on buying them. So what should you look for in the diapers you buy? Some of the critical qualities of a good diaper are absorbency, the size and comfort of the fit, and the materials used to make them.

Here’s what Smart Kid Diapers can assure: we have undertaken to provide the best product for your baby’s bum. We take pride in ensuring you and your little ones journeys are issues free. Our Diaper has:

  1. Multi-channel quick absorbent layer
    • This draws away wetness from baby’s tender skin.
    • Ensures maximum dryness and comfort.
  2. Ultra-soft and breathable back sheet
    • Clothlike back-sheet to make sure baby’s skin breathe freely.
  3. Dual side leakage-proof structure
    • Effectively prevents side leakage
  4. Well-fitting cutting
    • It properly adjusts according to baby’s waist and fits the baby’s waist nicely
  5. Reusable tape
    • It can refastened many times and make diaper replacement easier.

Our Product and Pricing.

Your dear one needs only the best.

We have achieved to manufacture only the best quality and at the best price. With the current wholesale price of Ksh 700/= while retail goes for 950/=

The more you buy the more you save. A month’s supply of 1 bail which is 5 packets will only cost you Ksh 3250.00/=

Secondly we give you value for money. All our packages have extra pieces packed inside. Packaged as:

  • Small – 50 pieces
  • Medium – 48 pieces
  • Large – 46 pieces