Know your little ones shoe sizes

Primary school-age children start out as notoriously reluctant shoppers, but by the time they’re a bit older, both boys and girls have very definite ideas of what they want to wear. 

The good news is that their rapid growth has slowed down and you won’t be replacing their wardrobe every few months. However, as your child becomes more fashion-conscious, they’ll probably want you to. They’ll be spending a lot of time in school uniform, so invest in hard-wearing, easily-washable garments. 

The sizes for this broad age range are: 

  • 3 years (98cm height, 55.5cm chest, 53.5cm waist, 58cm hips) 
  • 4 years (104cm height, 57cm chest, 54cm waist, 60cm hips) 
  • 5 years (110cm height, 58.5cm chest, 54.5cm waist, 62.3cm hips) 
  • 6 years (116cm height, 60cm chest, 55cm waist, 64.5cm hips) 
  • 7 years (122cm height, 62.3cm chest, 57cm waist, 67.3cm hips) 
  • 8 years (128cm height, 64.5cm chest, 59cm waist, 70cm hips) 
  • 9 years (134cm height, 66.8cm chest, 60.5cm waist, 73cm hips) 
  • 10 years (140cm height, 69cm chest, 62cm waist, 76cm hips) 

Shoe Sizes Charts 

Find the best shoe size for Infants, Kids and Youth 

Infant Shoe Sizes Chart 0-12 months 

Kids Shoe Sizes Chart 1-5 years 

Youth Shoe Size Chart 6-10 years 


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